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Public Relations

Atlanta Media Partners Public Relations

​Public Relations is easily defined by its title. It's how the public relates to a person, place, or thing. It is the job of a public relations specialist or "Publicist" to be the gatekeeper between the client and the public perception of said client! The publicist here at Atlanta Media Partners have one very important job and that is to generate positive publicity for our clients and enhance their brand visibility. Our specialty lies in our ability to craft stories, create copy, secure article placements, garnish event invitation as well as craft press releases for our clients. How, one may ask? Well, It takes a combination of analysis and creative problem solving to GET and KEEP a client in the public eye. We know what they want and we help build the brand, write the story and get it out there on the terms your audience will understand, appreciate, and relate to!

Who's Your Publicist?!?!?
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