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Meet Aisha Albritton



Atlanta Media Partners president and C.E.O, Aisha Albritton, hails from the now popular public relations capitol Atlanta GA. With a background deeply rooted in a love of music, Ms. Albritton's first taste of publicity came at age 14 when she was scouted by a A&R from the recording label Universal Music Group. As an emerging and talented singer, Universal Music Group wanted to sign the young hopeful to a recording deal with the stipulation that her image is "sexified" and "matured" due to her youthful appearance. Working with the label publicist, Aisha image was created! After showcasing the big reveal to her parents, they weren't to pleased with all the skin showing and pulled Aisha out of the deal. Naturally Aisha was upset and although she continued to peruse her dream of becoming a singer she never forgot the label publicist who's job it was to create her image. Over the next 7 years Aisha went to school to focus on vocal performance but as luck would have it, her councilor suggested the field of Journalism/ Pubic Relations as a degree pursuit. While in school, Aisha continued to pursue a music career working with major producers and writers and even had the opportunity to record daily in Usher Raymonds home studio.


With her Junior year of college quickly ending, Aisha landed artist development deal with Def Jam South Records. While living in New York to record a album for the summer, Aisha was given an publicist and manager that attempted to steer her career once again. Circumstances and some would say fate discouraged Aisha and cut her trip short sending her back to Atlanta to completing her public relations degree. With less than a semester to go, Aisha was approached by widely popular music producer Bryan M. Cox to head his girl group as its lead singer. Hesitant, Aisha agreed and left school to give music one last shot! The group was a hit! Labels from all over wanted to sign the girl group, they had hit records and fans without even hitting the airways but trouble brewed with the 4some. After irreparable damages, Aisha left the group and decided to move on from the artistry and focus on public relations!


Not knowing where to turn she applied for several internships and eventually landed a position as Junior Publicist with a boutique firm in Atlanta, GA. During her short internship, she worked with clients like mega producer Jazze Pha, MTV Networks and Dallas Austin and although she enjoyed working at the firm, she realized she wasn't being taught anything. Everything she did, she had to wing it. She would be given a project and never given any instructions or guidance and felt very alone while working at her internship so Aisha decided to pursue other companies that would teach her more about what it was to be a public relations specialist. After several job interviews, zero call backs and months of working non related public relations jobs, Aisha decided that GOOGLE would be her teacher and she would start her own firm.


Many nights of research and development lead Aisha to create Britton Management and Promotions where she managed a popular R&B group. Using her music savvy and public relations background Aisha was able to get the group a recording deal although the group broke up several months after the ink was dry. Discouraged and frustrated, Aisha took a stint in advertising and corporate communications but found her heart wasn't in it. The pay checks were steady but she was unhappy. So after a prayer and a little savings Aisha left the corporate and advertising world and opened Atlanta Media Partners, A Public Relations Firm!


11 years later Atlanta Media Partners has reached levels of success Aisha would have never dreamed of! Having worked with artist such as R. Kelly, Chrisette Michele, Jagged Edge, Ken Ford, Mykko Montana and more, Atlanta Media Partners C.E.O. Aisha Albritton evolved her company to help various brands like The NFL, The Not Alone Foundation, The Coca Cola Company and Children's Health Care of Atlanta increasing their brand visibility nationwide.

Adding Event Production to the Atlanta Media Partner portfolio seemed like the next logical step due to the overwhelming demand from clients. Having produced successful events such as The Diamond Awards featuring Dionne Warwick, The Hip Hop Weekly BET Sound Stage where 1100 guest enjoyed a block party style concert, A celebrity basketball game and toy drive that raised enough funds to supply 500 children with toys and A Veterans Christmas Celebration where 3000 veterans were fed , it seems that Aisha Albritton has found her calling as the C.E.O of the widely popular brand development, public relation and event production firm, Atlanta Media Partners.